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(I am checking out a woman. I have already scanned and bagged several items when she asks me for cigarettes. We keep our cigarettes behind the Customer Service desk.)
Me: Just go up to Customer Service and tell them which type you want. I can ring them up here.
Customer: I want cigarettes.
Me: Okay. You need to go to Customer Service and get them.
Customer: I have to go to Customer Service?
Me: Yes.
(I am still scanning her stuff. I look over at the line that’s formed at my register. The Customer Service desk is five feet away, with on line, and a manager is there. It would take her maybe ten seconds to get her cigarettes and come back so I can ring them up for her. If I did not have a line, I would be more willing to leave my register and grab her some cigarettes.)
Customer: Well, never mind then, if you can’t be bothered.
(I say nothing else until I tell her her total a minute later. She grabs her cart and goes to the Customer Service desk. When I look over after starting the next order, I see that she has to wait behind two people.)