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(I volunteer in a charity shop that has two stores across the road from each other. One sells books, cds, DVDs, and vinyls; the other sells everything else, which is primarily clothes, and this is the one I work in. Both stores have the same 4ft-wide logo on the windows, as well as using the same type font on the sign. This conversation happens at least 3 or 4 times a day)

Customer: *looks around clothes shop, looks on children’s section, comes back down to main area*

Customer: Excuse me, do you sell any books?

Me: Yes, we do, in our bookshop across the road

Customer: *surprised* Oh, is that you too?

Me: Yes, we are the same charity

Customer: I didn’t realise!

(The two shops are exactly opposite each other; I have no idea how you can completely miss the fact that we are the same group or the large “book shop” sign on the front)