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(I am a cashier at a popular supermarket. A woman comes through my lane.)

Customer: (Looking at my name tag) Julie? Hey, I’m Julie too!

(I hear this a lot and find it completely uninteresting since “Julie” is such a common name, so I just echo what she said in a disinterested manner.)

Customer: So, [feminine name 1] or [feminine name 2]?

Me: Huh?

Customer: Your middle name! Maybe [feminine name 3]. That goes great with “Julie”!

Me: Oh, no, none of those. *quietly chuckles* You’re not going to guess my middle name.

(She made a few more guesses before I finished checking her out. How did I know for sure she wouldn’t guess my middle name? Because it’s masculine. I am a trans woman, and I haven’t gone through a legal name change yet. This was adorable and kind of humorous, but more than that, it always makes me happy when I pass enough for people I’m talking to not to notice that I was born male.)

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