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I am working for a popular cell phone company taking calls from pre-pay/pay as you go customers. Customers call up for many reasons from topping up their phone with vouchers/credit card to querying why the cell phone won’t connect. Bear in mind when this call comes through the customer has been on hold for about 10 minutes with our hold music and multiple mentions of our company name interspersed throughout.

Me: “Good morning, welcome to (cell phone company). You’re speaking with (my name)

Customer: Yeah, i’d like to get my balance.

Me: Ok, can I take your cell phone number please?

Customer: (gives me cell phone number)

Me: Ok, great. You have $10.21 credit.

Customer: Oh really? And how much in my savings account?

Me: I’m sorry, your savings account?

Customer: Yes, how much is in there?

Me: (checking if he has another cell phone in his name) You don’t have a savings account. There is only $10.21 on your account.

Customer: ……

Me: (The penny drops) You do know you’ve called (cell phone company) don’t you?

Customer: Oh…..so this isn’t (popular national bank)?

Me: No you’ve called (cell phone company)

Customer: Oh, right. Sorry.