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Potential Customer calls. We are closing early today for a staff event. Our website, where she likely got our phone number, has huge flags all over it saying we close at 2 pm today for a staff barbecue.

PC: Do you have any large lockers?

Me: No, I’m sorry, the largest we have is (size), it starts at (cost) per month plus GST. (A fairly small locker, all things considered, but pricey, because of where we’re located)

PC: Oh, do you have anything smaller?

Me: Sure. (gives rates for smaller lockers)

PC: And you’re open today?

Me: (thinking *well, I answered the phone….*) We’re open now, but our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: I was thinking about coming by around 3…. *tone says “You’ll stay open for me, right?”*

Me: Our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: Is there any particular reason why?

Me: We have some things to attend to. May I suggest you come by tomorrow?

PC: But I wanted to come by around 3 today.

Me: Our office closes at 2 pm today.

PC: Oh. *click*

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