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(I work on replen in a well-known British supermarket that’s known for the fact the company is run by their employees. As I am stacking fresh yoghurt, a customer comes up to me with a coupon.)

Customer: Excuse me lady, can you tell me where to find this product?

Me: of course, let me have a look.

(The problem with the coupons is if you don’t know the logo or name of the product, it is hard to tell which aisle they belong in especially for me who was still relatively new. The product was called Dole – this I mistaked for a yoghurt drink.)

Me: *Points a little way south from where I’m standing* I believe the product is associated with yoghurts so it would be just there.


Me: *stammering* I’m very sorry for the confusion, I haven’t been working here long. I’ll grab another partner to see if they can help. (All the while I’m angrily thinking: nowhere in my job role does it say I’m your personal shop assistant! I will gladly point you in the right direction or find someone who can but I can’t be expected to memorise the thousands of products we have in store!!)

(Another partner managed to find small print on the coupon which stated they would be in the fruit and veg section – a section I do not work in. Apprantley they were some obscure brand of bananas.)