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I work in a fitting room for the menswear department, and if people don’t want clothes after trying them on I advise them to drop them off on the counter. When people drop off clothes on the counter, it’s assumed to be unwanted and we start folding them to put them back on the floor.

Suddenly, two days in a row, I’ve had to separate customers try on clothes. When they were done, they’d come up to the counter, put the clothes on the counter and declare, “I like these. I’ll take them.”

The customer on the first day started to walk away, and I had to stop and question him if he wanted the clothes. After confirming that he did, I had to give him the clothes back and point him towards the till.

The customer on the second day started taking out his wallet after I asked if he wanted them, and I had to quickly put the clothes in his arms and point him into the till’s direction as well.

Seriously, people, if you want to take the clothes then… take them?

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