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<i>We are at the rappelling towers on base; several Marines have already climbed up and are in the harnesses, waiting to descend, and the rest of us are waiting our turns. The belay men are at the foot of the tower, ready to run the rope out to an angle if one of the Marines starts to fall. It’s a critically important safety precaution — running the rope out slows the descent and prevents a hard landing.

For some reason, one of the belay men is not paying attention and fails to respond when the Marine at the top of the rope loses his grip and falls straight down, hitting the sand at the base of the tower with an impressive THUD.

There is a moment’s shocked silence and then a young woman’s voice calls out from the crowd – </i>

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

<i> The female of the species may or may not be deadlier than the male, but sometimes she’s a heckuva lot less sympathetic.</i>