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, | Unfiltered | December 21, 2020

There is this restaurant in the city center where I have been a few times, it is a bit on the more expensive side but the food and service used to be good. Recently though, I heard some complaints about the service there, but nothing beats this story from a friend of mine.

She is sitting there with several people, the waiter has already been quite rude and slow. A guy at the table has ordered a hamburger. After some time the waiter comes back. He hits the guys back pretty hard (no kidding!) and says:

Waiter: “Hey its you who ordered that hamburger? Then come out and get it for yourself!”

Too flabbergasted to react, the guy actually goes to the kitchen and gets the hamburger. I dont remember if he later complained about this, but the group made sure to go somewhere else next time and so will I!

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