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At our drive-thru convenience store that doubles as a gas station, I was waiting on a customer in the drive-thru when this exchange took place.

Customer: “I just want [a couple of small things].” *Hands me two dollars*

I step inside, ring her up, then return to her vehicle.

Customer: “Oh, I need a few more things. Just let me know how much more you need.”

I ring up the additional items and again return to her.

Me: “I need $3.28 more.”

Customer: *Hands me 3 dollars and a quarter* “Keep it, I’m not worried about the nickel.”

Me: *Blinks at her* “Okay, thanks.”

I figure, we have penny dishes – I’ll just toss in the three cents and not say anything this time. But I still can’t figure out how she thought she was giving me 5 cents over what I needed….