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I work at a store that offers shredding services typically we weigh whatever someone brings in and charge them by the pound. One day someone came in with a bag of junk and the following exchange happened.

Customer: Hi can I put this stuff in the bin to be shredded?
Me: Sure, let me just weigh it first.
(He brings it over to the scale and I start to weigh it.)
Me: Ok, looks like that’s about 5 pounds so…
Customer: Wait do I have to pay for this?
Me: Well yeah.
Customer: Yeah ok, I’m just looking to get rid of this stuff. Is there a trash can anywhere around here.?
(I don’t offer him our trash can because I don’t like the idea of someone coming in just to give us trash. I offer him a the dumpster outback that we share with some other businesses and I don’t care if he uses it.)
Me: Well there’s a dumpster outback you can use.
Customer: Ok great. Is it ok if I go out this way?
(He starts heading to the back towards the direction of the dumpster, only problem is there’s no door back there just two in the front.)
Me: Well no, there’s no door there, you’ll have to go out front and go around.
Customer: Ok never mind then.
(He then leaves, gets back in his car, and drives away. I still don’t understand why he couldn’t be bothered to walk around from the front, but would have had no problem walking out if there was a backdoor.)