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I work on the Mexican stand at a food court style restaurant. We offer beef, pork, fish and tofu as our proteins, and they’re listed on our menu above the station. We do not serve chicken of any kind. However, this sequence of events happens at least 5 times a day.

Customer: (After looking up at our menu for about 3 minutes) I’ll have a chicken burrito please.
Me: I’m afraid we don’t have chicken. We have beef, pork, fish and tofu.
Customer: Oh, no chicken? (looks back up at the menu again)

Or, the even more frustrating:

Me: (After putting on rice and beans on a burrito) And what meat would you like? We have beef, pork, fish or tofu.
(while speaking, I lift the lids of the meats so the customer can get a look at how they’ve been cooked, and the customer watches me do this).
Customer: I’ll have the chicken please.
Me: (sighing mentally) I’m afraid we don’t have chicken.
Customer: (Looks back down at the lids in confusion) Oh…what was the third one?
Me: That was the fish.
Customer: I guess I’ll have the beef…