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A frequent customer who is already pretty snippy at me in particular comes into my workplace on the one day I work a double this week. She orders and I have her pay before we start the order, so that way she can just take the food and go.

She decides to split the bill up. One calzone, plus a bottle of soda, and a small salad on one bill. The other calzone on another bill. Easy enough. I scan the first three items and tell her her total- $20.67. She hands me a twenty and says she’ll pay the remaining sixty-seven cents on card. I split that up and turn the register around for her to swipe and sign. She starts saying, now wait, why are you charging me an extra twenty dollars? I explain to her that I’ve split it up, and that she’s already paid the twenty dollars, and that the remainder will go on her card.

She continues to insist, raising her voice, that I’m double-charging her, while simultaneously misgendering me (I am trans, on hormones, and very out about my identity) and degrading me. I am calmly informing her, without trying to get mad and kick her out, that this is how the math works out. She continues to believe that I’m double-charging her, which I am not, until her friend just decides to pitch in an extra dollar bill to cover the rest. Even her receipt shows that I did not double charge her. The entire system shows that what she paid is what she paid, no more, no less. I didn’t even charge her for the extra toppings she got on the calzone.

I finally tell her that it’s not my fault she doesn’t understand the math, and she stomps off fuming about her “double-charged” bill and that I should be fired. I shake my head and look at my co-worker, who is now working on the food, and say, what is it with customers lately? My co-worker thinks it’s the heat…

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