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(It is the start of a new sales week. The scanning team has from 11pm-11am the night before a sales week starts to make sure all the new tags are up in the entire store for the week. On average, they have to hang up 7,000-10,000 tags each week. This week, there are only two people who are hanging tags because everyone else who knows how is on vacation. I’m not on scanning, but I know how they move throughout the store. This story takes place at 7:20 in the morning.
I am in an aisle, much closer to the front of the store than the dairy section.
Customer: (angry) YOU!
(I look around, and there is a customer in dairy staring at me. I walk over to her.)
Me: Yes?
Customer: (still shouting) Is it the start of a new sales week?
Me: Yes it is.
Customer: Then why aren’t the tags up?!
Me: They probably haven’t gotten to this section yet.
Customer: But it’s the start of a new sales week! The (Yogurt) is supposed to be on sale for $1!
Me: They are.
Customer: Then why aren’t the tags up yet?!
Me: The scanning team probably hasn’t gotten to the yogurt section yet. But the registers will still acknowledge the sale price.
Customer: Why aren’t the tags up?! They’re supposed to be up!
Me: They’re still workin-
Customer: The tags are supposed to be up!
Me: It is still the start of a new sales week, and the register will ring them up at the sale price.
(The customer grumbles and moves along. I later found out that she complained to customer service about the tags not being up at 7:30 in the morning.)

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