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(I work in a pretty popular crafts/retail store. I’m used to people asking me all the time if I work there, even when I’m wearing my vest and nametag. This instance was new, though.)

Me: *walks out of restroom*

Customer: Oh, excuse me!

Me: Um, yes?

Customer: Do you carry [particular item]?

Me: Uh, yes, it’s in our [Department] area.

(I proceed to point in the general direction of that department and give her general directions. Technically we’re supposed to take the customer to the item, but I’m off the clock and want to get back to my lunch, and she doesn’t seem to mind if I don’t walk with her.)

Customer: Thanks so much! *heads that direction*

Me: …uh huh. *goes back to break room, where my vest is hanging over my chair*

(I told a coworker about this soon after and she suggested perhaps the customer was a regular and knew I worked there, or had seen me walk from the break room to the bathroom, though waiting two or three minutes for me to come back out to ask a question seems odd. I’m still a little baffled.)

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