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I work for a small computer repair shop. I deal with customers who walk in with broken screens, viruses, etc. I also answer the phone, which is how this interaction started.

Me: *Repair shop name,* this is *my name* speaking.

Customer: Hey, my credit card was stolen, and they took an Uber, so I’m trying to figure out whether I need to put you in touch with my bank, or if I need to call my lawyer or something so I can get a refund from you guys.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but this isn’t Uber.

Customer: What?

Me: This isn’t Uber. We’re a computer repair shop.

Customer: But online I looked for call Uber and it gave me you guys!

Me: Well, I’m sorry for the confusion, but we aren’t Uber.

Customer: Are you sure? You’re *really* not Uber?

Me: We’re really not Uber.

Customer: Oh, okay. *hangs up*

I looked it up, and Uber doesn’t even have a customer support phone number. Which makes this call extra strange, because it’s not the first time someone has called us thinking we were Uber.