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(Our registers are located in an Island in the middle of the store with two registers on opposite sides. And with our retail system each cashier runs their own register, with most times only one side being staffed or open at a time. As well each register has a customer operated credit card machine . So interactions like these are all to common.)

(Standing at closed register on the other side of closed register)
Grandma: “My grandson wants that.”(holds out card)
Grandson: “This sides closed.”
Grandma: “I know.”
Me: “I can help you on this side ma’am.”
(doesn’t move and extends hand with card at me)
Me: “You can Insert your card on this side (points at credit card machine on my side.”
(She huffs and starts the 8 ft walk around to the other side whilst mumbling under her breath “lazy.” I thankfully knew the code for the item the grandson had in his hands, as they never did make an attempt bring it to me to be scanned. )
Me: “OK it will be $4.32.”
(She enters her chip card and puts in HER PIN.)
Me: “Alright’y and here is your receipt.”
(she takes her receipt and leaves without even saying a word. The kicker to the whole story, she had purchased an item for herself not 5 mins before from me without a problem.)