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I work as a service advisor at car dealership. A customer comes in and throws his keys at me.

Customer: “I need an oil change. Conventional oil.”

Me: “I’m so sorry, we only do full synthetic here.”

Customer: “Just do your f****** job. Also, I’m not waiting an hour, I want it done in less than thirty minutes!”

Me: “Okay. I just need some information from you and a quick signature.”

Customer: “F*** no. I’m gonna have a seat and I’ll be back here in thirty minutes to get my god-d*** keys!”

Thirty-two minutes later.

Me: “Okay, your vehicle is all done. I can walk you to the cashier. Just sign here and I’ll have you on your way.”

Customer: “What the f****?! This is too expensive! And you took almost two hours! They do it for half the price down the street! Fix it!”

Me: “I can discount 10%. That’s as much as I can do for you today.”

Customer: *Smiles as if he’s won.* “Yeah, you better!”

The customer leaves. Two hours later he walks in and throws an oil filled rag at me, dirtying my blouse.

Customer: “You stupid b****! You stole my money and didn’t even change my oil! It’s fucking black! You give me back my f****** money!”

Me: “It is normal for diesel motor oil to turn black quickly. The dark color is a sign that the oil is performing correctly by keeping byproducts of the combustion process in suspension.”

Customer continued to yell and eventually got his FULL refund and a FREE oil change… and didn’t even get banned for throwing oil at me.

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