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(I work at a small dollar store in a cashier position where I sell about 20 different kinds of tobacco, per law I have to card anyone under 40 every time wanting to purchase tobacco, but by my own policy I card everyone regardless of how many times I have seen them. This happens around 8 p.m. after I’ve been working since 8 that morning. Also, I’m whiter than most printer paper.)

Customer: I’ll have two packs of Marlboro soft top shorts.
Me: *turning around to get the packs* Will that be all? If so I’ll need to see your ID, ma’am.
Customer: The fuck if you will, law says you have to only card if I look under 30.
Me: I card everyone that asks for tobacco I don’t care if they are old enough to be my grandmother. Now, you need to provide me your ID proving that you are of age so I can sell you the cigarettes or I will refuse the sale. Those are the only two options available.
Customer: I’m not providing you ID.
Me: Alright, I refuse to sell you tobacco until you prove to me that you are of age.
Customer: Fucking whatever, I’ll be back after I get it from my car.
Me: As you wish.
Customer: Whatever. *walks out and back in 20 minutes later*
Me: Hi, how are you today?
Customer: Shut up, nigger.
Me: *looks at my skin* I’m whiter than paper and you will not use that language here. You have two options at this point, provide ID proving you’re of legal age to purchase tobacco or get out.
Customer: Give me my fucking cigarettes.
Me: ID first.
Customer: *throws ID at me* Hurry the fuck up.
Me: *slows down as much as possible pretending to be new at the register while typing in birthdate*
Customer: I said hurry up.
Me: *ignores and continues the sale* Here’s your ID back. Method of payment.
Customer: Give me my cigarettes first.
Me: Policy is to hold tobacco products until the transaction is complete.
Customer: Whatever, the fuck are you carding me for anyways you piece of shit?
Me: Last warning about abuse. If you must know, it’s because my job and my future are worth far more than your nicotine habit. If you don’t like that, don’t shop here.
*card reader beeps*
Me: Here’s your cigarettes, have a good day.
Customer: Fuck you *snatches cigarettes*.
Me: *looks at manager; manager nods* And don’t come back either.
Manager: Little over the top there at the end but I’m impressed, [my name] at how you handled that.
Me: Thanks, I’m just going to sit here for a few seconds. I don’t need this on my birthday.

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