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(This year, Canada Day was on a Saturday. When a holiday falls on a weekend for places that are normally already off or closed on weekends, they will take the Friday or Monday off, so that they still get their extra day off. I work in an electronics store, which is normally open on weekends, so we were closed on Canada Day, and the rest of our hours didn’t change. I had these exchanges all day long, the Monday following Canada Day)

Customer on the phone: Are you guys open today?

Me: Of course we’re open.

Customer on the phone: But I thought you’d be closed cuz of the holiday and everything.

Me: Yes, we were closed on Saturday.


Customer: When are you open til today?

Me: 9pm

Customer: You don’t have Sunday hours because of the holiday?

Me: The holiday was on Saturday. We were closed.


Customer: I’m surprised you’re open!

Me: How come?

Customer: Because of Canada Day!

Me: Canada Day was on Saturday. We were closed on Saturday.

Customer: But you still need that extra day off!

Me: We did. All the full-timers only worked 4 days. But since we’re normally open 7 days a week, we closed on Canada Day.


Customer: Oh, you’re open!