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(I worked as a seasonal employee at a famous candy store in New York City that is as much a tourist attraction as it is a sweet shop. The owner is the daughter of someone quite famous, which is relevant so that you’re aware that this is by no means some shady, illegitimate business that would buy knockoffs of anything to sell in their store. When this story takes place, I am working the main registers, which I haven’t done very often. I’m waiting on an elderly woman who spots something on the display behind the counter.)

Customer: Oh. That doll. Is that a real [brand name] doll?

(I turn to look what she’s describing and see a special edition [brand name] doll that had a limited batch made specially to commemorate the store. Beyond this information, however, I know nothing about this doll, or indeed the [brand name] company.)

Me: Oh, yes. They did a special collaboration with [brand name] to commemorate the store.

Customer: Can I see it, please?

Me: Sure!

(I take down the nearest box and let her look at the doll. She inspects it before looking over her glasses at me with what she thinks is a knowing smile.)

Customer: This isn’t a *real* [brand name] doll.

Me: Oh…no, it is. It’s just a special edition.

Customer, still smiling: Are you sure? I’ve seen a *lot* of [brand name] dolls, and this doesn’t look anything like them.

(I’m a little lost, and beginning to wonder if maybe I was incorrect about the doll. Luckily, a coworker has overheard and steps in.)

Coworker: Yes, ma’am, that’s a limited edition [brand name] doll that [candy shop] had made special for the store.

(The customer looks at the box for another minute or so, inspecting every possible inch as closely as she can. Finally, she hands it back, shaking her head.)

Customer: That’s not a real [brand name] doll.

(I finished ringing her up and she left. For the record, yes, it IS a real [brand name] doll! I’m not sure why she didn’t believe us.)

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