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(I work at a popular local pet store, mainly as a cashier. I am 19 at the time, and am slightly overweight. Not severely speaking, and while I don’t have the best eating or exercising habits, the majority of my weight issues are due to family health issues. While I am not extremely sensitive about my weight, I do consider it to be very impolite to randomly comment on people’s weight. I have a coworker who is quite thin (male, 21, 100 lbs) right behind the register. This is shortly before closing time so there are very few customers in the store.)

Customer: *Comes up to the register, making jokes, seemingly like a very kind, if lonely, older gentleman* *Somehow, gets onto the topic of weight and youth* Yes, when I was younger, I was extremely fit and thin, like [Coworker] there.

Me: Oh yes, [Coworker] is quite thin. I don’t know how he does it!

Customer: Yea, unlike him however, you’re quite fat.

Me: …*kind of frozen in shock that he just blatantly said that*

Coworker: …*also frozen in shock*

Customer: *continues talking as if nothing happened* Yea, the reason you’re so chubby is probably because you stay behind the register all day, while [Coworker] there is walking around the store all the time. That’s probably how he stays so thin!

Me: *knowing that that is not true, and knowing that [Coworker] actually has a very active metabolism which helps him stay so thin.* Mmhmm. *turns and glares at [Coworker] with the “I’m going to kill this customer look.”*

Cowokrer: *still silent and trying to look everywhere but at this customer*

Customer: *rambles on for several more minutes before he leaves*

Me: *turns to [Coworker]* What the f*** just happened?

(Turns out that customer has been a menace for quite a while, especially to the girls in the grooming salon and he hardly ever bought anything.)

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