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I work for a network provider. A customer has called about his service ending abruptly. I check his records and see it was cancelled nearly seven months ago. Before I can make him aware of this he begins ranting at our incompetence at letting his policy end.

Me: Actually, sir, the only way a policy can end is if you fail to make payment, the policy reaches its end, or either yourself or someone with written permission has cancelled the policy. In your case it is the latter.

Customer: I didn’t cancel it! I want the d**n thing!

Me: It appears your wife cancelled it on your behalf.

Customer: But I divorced that b***h!

Me: I see nothing to say you have made us aware of that, and we would need written notice of her being removed from the policy.

Customer: Another thing your company is s**t at! Why don’t you take all those premiums you heist from us and do a good f**king job!

Me: Sir, we do not have the expenses or the labour required to check whether everyone of our thousands of customers has gotten married or divorced. It is written into the contract you signed that you must tell us or risk voiding your policy.

Customer: So is that what happened? I got a divorce and you cancelled my policy, just to spite me!

Me: No, sir. As I have already said, your policy was cancelled by your ex-wife. May I ask when you divorced?

Customer: [Date].

Me: You policy was cancelled on [Date], before your divorce. In order to receive the same service again, you will need to take out another policy.

Customer: F**K YOU! *hangs up*

He sent in a complaint which I routinely get emails for. I checked his account, and his ex-wife still has access.

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