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I’m a stocker at a liquor store. There is a cashier at my work who is notoriously stupid. Also, she is always playing the part of customer advocate, which is incredibly annoying where I work. I am very familiar with our stock and this cashier seems to know nothing about the brands that we carry. This happens on a fairly mundane morning.

Customer: Hi! I am looking for Ivana Bitch vodka.

Me: I’m sorry but we don’t carry that brand.

Customer: Oh, ok.

5 minutes pass and the same same customer approaches me…

Customer: Hi, I’m looking for *pause* nevermind, I already asked you.

Me: *stating to get annoyed* Yeah…

Another 5 mins pass and the stupid cashier approches me accompanied with the customer who refuses to believe that we dont carry what he is looking for.

Stupid cashier: Steven, where is the Ivana Bitch vodka?

Customer: I already asked him, he said you don’t have it.

Me: We don’t.

Stupid cashier: I know we have it! Where is it?

Me: *look of total and complete frustration*

Customer: Ooooh look at his face!

Me: I’ve told you already. We don’t carry that brand.

Stupid cashier: I know I’ve seen it in here before. Steven, Where is it?

Customer: *Pulls up a picture on his phone* It looks like this!

Me: *humors customer by looking at picture* Sir, like I’ve said, we do not carry Ivana Bitch vodka.

Stupid cashier: I know we have it!

The stupid cashier then proceeds to take the customer on a search around the store for a brand of vodka that we do not carry. Another 5 mins pass…

Stupid cashier: *Over the walkie* Ummm, does anyone know if we carry Ivana Bitch vodka?!

Me: *mind blown*

The customer left without their vodka which we do not carry.

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