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I’m working at a roving cart on a very busy night at the park. It is 10:30 PM and a lot of guests are leaving.

Guest: I want one bubble gun.

Me; Sure, it’ll be [Price].

Guest: Give me a discount.

Me: I’m sorry I can’t do that.

Guest: It’s 10:30 at night, you’re closing anyways

Me: Well we’re here everyday so we’re never really closed. So, it’ll be [Price], please.

Guest: I saw you give that girl a bubble gun for free!

Me: What girl?

Guest: The one with the lanyard full of keys.

Me: …That was my supervisor. The bubble gun was broken so I didn’t want anyone to buy a broken bubble gun. Sir, I cannot give you a discount. Either take it or leave it.

He bought it, albeit reluctantly.

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