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I work as a Circulation Assistant at my Christian school’s library. During the weeks between the end of summer classes and the start of fall semester we reduce our weekday hours to 9AM-6PM. While working the front desk I take a call.

ME: Thank you for calling ***** University Library. This is (Me) speaking, how may I assist you?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, what time do you close for today?

ME: We close at 6PM today sir.

CUSTOMER: (becomes irate) ****d****it man! What time do you open tomorrow?

ME: Sir, we are open from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday until the end of August.

CUSTOMER: ****ing h*** man! You’re really *****ing me here! I work during those hours and I need to come in man!

ME: Um, sir, if you can tell me what you need I can attempt to help you over the phone–

CUSTOMER: I ****ing work during those hours man! **** you! I want my money back!

ME: Your money back? I’m sorry sir, may I ask what you are referring to?

CUSTOMER: Go to h*** heathen!

ME: Excuse me?

CUSTOMER: You heard me! (click!)

My supervisors let me take an extra break after that.

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