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(I enter a fast food place and order a sandwich without tomato, simply because I cannot stand the taste/texture. While I am waiting at the pickup area, an employee comes up holding a sandwich and asks me something. He’s speaking softly, and there is a lot of noise in the building, so the only word I hear is ‘tomato’ and assume he is asking if I was the one who ordered it without,)

Me: “Yes, no tomato.”

Employee: “… Oh.”

(He looks disappointed and turns back to the kitchen, while I run the exchange through my mind.)

Me: “Oh, wait, did you say allergic? No, I’m not. It’s fine if a tomato touched it.”

Employee: “Oh, good! Here you go.”

(I assume the kitchen staff had seen the order and filled it on autopilot, realized they had put a tomato on a non-tomato order, and picked it off, hence the question. Fortunately my aversion is not deadly, and only includes the actual fruit. I fully enjoyed my sandwich, despite it being ‘tainted’ with tomato juices, and appreciated the fact that they double-checked in case of life-threatening anaphylaxis.)

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