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(I’m a 15-year-old girl and my mother owns a fast food chicken restaurant. A car drives around to the back entrance and a man gets out, pointing accusingly at Mom.)

Man: Hey! My chicken’s cold and I ain’t got enough fries, ya f*****’ dingbat!

Mom: (trying to control herself): Sir, we can refund you, just take a few minutes and I’ll have it ready

Man: I’m not listening to that s***! Yall tryin’ to screw me! Hey, hey, you listenin’ to me? (banging on the window) You tryin’ to trick me? Is that your game, w****?

(He proceeds to swear and waves his arms around, angrily.)

Mom: OK, you’re getting nothing for being so violent and I’m calling the cops right now.

Man: Yall can’t do that, cra****! Hey, [Wife], come over ‘ere!

(His wife comes out, yelling.)

Wife: Ya can’t talk to ma man like that, b****! (She corners my mom against the back door and starts swinging her arms around like a baseball player, hitting and punching my mom.) Ya gonna pay for that, w****! Ya wanna mess wi’ me?

(She says things quite similar to this and more, as I finally notice and run outside to them through another door.)

Me: Stop! Stop hitting my mom!

(The woman turns and as they start to walk away, the man punches me in the face. I fall back onto some chairs as they run away.)

Me: (getting up) Mom?

Mom: I’m fine. Just call an ambulance.

(Who punches a girl like she’s a grown man? Mom and I both had two black eyes, she suffered a broken nose and I had a concussion. The police officer on our case said that he’d seen nothing like it in 41 years. The couple are also wanted for aggravated battery and cruelty to children and have active warrants.)