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, | Unfiltered | December 15, 2020

I’m ringing up my next customer at work, who immediately seems to get annoyed when realizing she forgot her ID. (Nescessary for all non-paper prescriptions in Norway)

Customer: Well, can you at least check if I have [Medicine]?
Me: I can’t do that without your ID.
Customer: Why? It’s not like I’m taking out a million!
Me: It’s because- (immediately cuts me off)
Customer: You guys are the most difficult pharmacy in the entire city, you know that!?
Me: Well, we-
Customer: I never have this problem at [other pharmacy]!
Me: Yeah, but-
Customer: Just forget it! (and so she storms off)

She later came back with her ID, though I wasn’t the one helping her out this time. I asked the coworker who had afterwards, and it went fine until she was asked wether she wanted generica (same active ingredient in same amount)

Customer: I obviously want the one the doctor wrote down! You guys are such nazis about it, you always want to force it on me!
Coworker: Well, you’re getting exactly what you want, so there’s really no reason for you to complain about it!

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