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I am ringing up a customer’s items when they hand me an item.

Customer “I just need to know the price of this”

Me “It’s $X”

Customer *takes the item off me to look at it again. “No I don’t want this”

Me “That’s fine, I can take it” *holds my hand out to take it off her so I can put it aside to put back, but customer walks to the nearest shelf and then hides it behind other stock and walks back to the counter. “Can you give that to me please?”

Customer “But why? I don’t want it”

Me “I know, but it was easier to just hand it to me so I can put it back later rather than hiding it”.

Customer “I don’t understand why you want it, I don’t want to buy it and I don’t remember where I got it from”

Me ” I realise that, I have a basket to put things that customers don’t want in to and I’ll put it back later”

Customer “Oh you’ll put it back?”

Me “Yes, I’m happy to”

She finally gets the item from it’s hiding spot and hands it to me. I can never understand the reasoning behind having to hide things through out the store because they’ve decided they no longer want to purchase it. We would rather it just left in full view so we can find them later to put away.

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