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So I’m the idiot customer here. My family and I go to a diner to eat lunch. I am allergic to tree nuts. My family orders and then I order.

Me: I’ll have the buffalo chicken salad with no pecans. I am very allergic to tree nuts

Waitress brings out our food and I thoroughly inspect it for a mistake. I find 3 pecans hiding in the salad.

Me (to the manager at the counter): I’m allergic to nuts and there were pecans in my salad.
Manager: That’s unacceptable, I’ll comp the whole table’s meal!

Meanwhile while I am speaking to the manager
Husband (to waitress): My wife’s salad had pecans. Can you get her a new one?
Waitress: I’m so sorry, I’ll be right back.

I then return to the table and notice my salad is gone. I have a smug look because I just got our whole meal comped over 3 stupid nuts.

Husband: She’s bringing us a new one.
Me: I’m not hungry anymore, it freaked me out too much. The manager said that she would comp all of our meals.
Waitress returns with a new salad.
Me: I don’t want this I told the manager that I’m not going to have anything.
Husband: Just eat it.
Me: You have no idea how scared I am to touch anything else from this place.
Me (to waitress because my family is now done eating): Just give me a to-go box.

We ended up giving the salad to a homeless couple nearby because I was too freaked out to eat it no matter what. Now I realize that I’m such a spaz and probably would have been ok just picking out the nuts and eating the damn salad. Yes, we gave our server a 25% tip for having to deal with my insanity.