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I work in a call center in the department that deals with the worst of the worst escalations. My line beeps and I have a standard escalation rep on my line. My office closes at 8pm but we take calls that mat be backed up in the air until the air is clear, and it is already past office hours due to this.
Me: Thank you for calling Corporate Esecalations. My name is *****. What department will I be assisting you with? (We handle several major companies and while other reps only handle one or two, I handle all of the American companies)

Rep: -answers what company and provides the customer’s info-

Me: Thank you. And what is the issue?

Rep: This customer is highly escalated because they didn’t get their item on Monday. They started the order on saturday and I think that item was on back order. I have completed the reorder and everything is done but she’s still upset and asked to speak to someone higher. She will have her item tomorrow. (It is currently Wednesday).

Me: Oh, ok. So everything is done and she still wishes to file a formal complaint?

Rep: Yeah….

Me: Ok, no problem, I’ll have a talk with her. You can bring her over. Thank you.

(The rep transfers the customer onto my line.)

Me: Hello and thank you for Joining me Ms.Xxxx. My name is XXxX, and I am in the corporate escalations department. The previous rep explained you had some concerns with our shopping policies. How may I assist you?

(Cx = Customer)

Cx: Yes! I am very upset! Why didn’t I get my item on Monday? I finished my order on saturday and the lady then said I would have it monday!!! (Already yelling in a thick accent that is a little hard to understand, but I can tell she is trying hard to pronounce each word).

Me: I apologize ma’am…(cx cuts me off)

Cx: No Sorry! No one is Sorry! Stop saying you are Sorry! I want my item! Tell me I will have my item tomorrow!

Me: (I take a deep breath and I hold in a sigh because I have been trained since day one to always apologize at every ‘opportunity’ and not apologizing is hard for me) Yes ma’am, your order has been resubmitted and you should have your item tomorrow.

Cx: No! You don’t understand! I was supposed to have it by Monday! I want it tomorrow! Tell me I am getting it tomorrow!

Me: (I am silent for a moment as I struggle not to apologize per the x.x request not to do so, as well as trying to wrap my head around if I had mispoken). ” Ma’am, I understand your frustration at not receiving your item on monday. The order has been resubmitted and you should have it tomorrow.

Cx: NO NO NO! How can you not understand this?!?! I was supposed to get it on monday!!! This is unacceptable! Your company messed up and I want it tomorrow! How can you do this?!?! This is terrible customer service! I want it tomorrow!

Me: (I am at a complete loss of words for a moment and take another deep breath). Ma’am, I am sorry if I am not understanding. I know that you were supposed to get it on monday and I sincerely apologize that didn’t happen. I understand you want it tomorrow, and since the reorder has been completed, you should have it tomorrow. (Yes, I apologized, and yes, I meant it….)

Cx: Stop saying what everyone else said to Me! How can you not understand this? Aren’t you a manager or something? I was supposed to get the item on MONDAAAAY! Tell me I will get it tomorrow!!!

Me: No ma’am, I am not a manager…(cx interrupts me before I can finish)

Cx: (Yelling at the good of her lungs) Whaaat?!?! You aren’t a manager or a supervisor! I asked for a manager or a supervisor!!! No wonder you don’t understand anything!!! Why didn’t I get my item on monday?!?! WHY?!?! Tell me WHY!!!

Me: (incert unimaginable frustration bottled up. I take another deep breath, put her on mute to let it out loudly, then take another deep breath to steady my voice and tone) Ma’am, I am in the corporate office, I am actually ‘above’ most supervisors and managers. According to our records, that item was not in stock at the you completed your order on Saterday and I apologize for the rep who provided misinformation regarding shipping timeframes for items on back order. I understand your frustration but I have said exactly what you have told me to in that the reorder has been submitted today and you should have your item tomorrow as it appears that item is currently in stock.

Cx: How can you not understand?!?! Still?!?! I was supposed to get it on Monday!

Me: Which I am sincerely sorry didn’t happen ma’am. However you should have it tomorrow.

(At this point the cx goes off yet again about how I don’t understand. This rant lasts a good 5 minutes and I don’t think she took a single breath.)

Me: Ma’am, I understand the issue hust fine. You placed your order on saturday, expecting it Monday. You didn’t get it and are upset and want your item overnighted to you so you have it tomorrow. Which is exactly what we are going to do for you. What I don’t understand is where the confusion is at this point. You are just talking in circles and…(cx cuts me off)

Cx: I am talking in circles?!?! How dare you say that to me after how I have been treated! How can you say you are corporate when you don’t understand anything adj just keep saying what everyone else has been saying?!?! What is your name? Employee ID?

(After taking another muted breathing exersize, I provide my full name and employee ID)

Cx: No, what’s your REAL name?!?! I know that’s not your real name! No one calls you that there!

(I get shot about my name all the time as it is a gender neutral name, but most people think it belongs to just one gender, and I am the opposed of that gender they think it should belong to)

Me: Ma’am, that IS my real name…(cx cuts me off)

Cx: Yeah right. Who’s your CEO? What is your corporate address?

(I just give her the info she asks for, not about to argue about my ‘real’ name)

Cx: I can’t believe the terrible customer service your company has. You will hear from me later! I am writing to the CEO about all of this!!!

Me: I understand. Did you have any further questions ma’am?

Cx: Yes, When will I get my item?

Me: Tomorrow, ma’am.

Cx: uh huh…yeah right. I have no more questions for you Xxxxxxxxxx (she draws my name out in a rather rude way because I am on so clearly lieing to her about it)

Me: Thank you for your time ma’am. I hope you have a good rest of the evening. (I release the line on my end before she can come back with any other grievances. Then, because company policy is to submit a call back report for any call we provide CEO info to, I was there well after she was off my line)

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