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(I received a phone call from a customer, here how it went:)

Customer: Hi, my laptop froze and I cannot do anything on it?
Me: Sorry to ask an obvious question, but did you try rebooting it?
Customer: Yup, but upon logging in it freezes again. I can’t do anything on it.
Me: But you were able to log in and type while logging in?
Customer: Yup!
Me: Please try capslock or the windows button on your keyboard, did anything happen?
Customer: Yeah! Capslock made the LED light up, and windows button opened the start menu.
Me: Oh. Please try using the trackpad now.
Customer: It’s working! how did you do that?
Me: IT Magic, ma’am! Looks like your mouse is faulty.
Customer: It’s wireless, batteries must have died. Thanks!

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