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(We have anew client bringing in their recently-adopted cat. The receptionist has just brought the cat’s paperwork back, and the doctor is reading the details aloud so we’re both familiar with the cat.)

Doctor: “Okay, so her name is…[spells name].”
(Thinking I misheard, I go look at the page, and see the cat’s name appears to be an anti-semitic slur. We haven’t met the owner to hear how it’s pronounced, so we just avoid saying it aloud during the appointment, and hope the owner will say it at some point and it won’t be the word it looks like.)
*After the client has taken their cat home*
Me: “Hey [Receptionist], did they say how their cat’s name is pronounced?”
Receptionist: “Yeah, apparently it’s Kiki. I don’t think they know what [anti-semitic slur] means.”
*I return to the back*
Me: “Doc, the cat’s name is pronounced Kiki.”
Doctor: “Oh thank god!”

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