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I’m a customer in this story. I don’t use checks, so I use the local store to get money orders from customer service. I’m there on a weekday, around 7 a.m., so the store is basically empty besides myself and one other customer trying to return fabric at the Customer Service counter. I got behind her as she was just being helped. This is a well-known affordable grocery/clothing/household goods store, that also happens to have a small fabric section, and they cut your fabric and give you a paper slip with the measurements and total price there for you to ring up later.

Customer: I need to return this fabric. It didn’t match the other pieces as well as I thought.
Clerk: Alright, no problem. Do you have the receipt and the measurement barcode?
Customer: I have the receipt but I don’t have the one from the counter.
Clerk: Okay, I’m afraid this doesn’t have the fabric length and price by yard listed, so you’ll need to go back to the fabric counter and have it measured again so we can process your return.
Customer: Oh, but it was 5.99 a yard, and I bought two yards, so that should be twelve! I bought six feet.
Clerk: I’m sorry, ma’am, I can’t process the return without the actual barcode.
Customer: *holding out the fabric she bought with both hands and stretching her arms to the side* Well, see, a human armspan is six feet and this is six feet, and the fabric was 5.99 a yard! Can’t you just put that in? Don’t you have a ruler up here?
Clerk: No, ma’am, I’m sorry. I really need the barcode. I promise it won’t take long.
Customer: So you want me to walk all the way back to the fabric counter, wait for someone to get over there, and then have to come get back in line? Can’t you just return it? It’s just six feet, that’s two yards of fabric!
( Note that I am still the only customer by the service counter, and there are only a handful of other people in the store at all. Not to mention, the fabric counter in this store is maybe five aisles away. A thirty second walk at most. )
Clerk: *looking like she’s doing her best not to get frustrated* Why don’t I call and make sure there’s someone at the counter for you? Oh, here we go. [Coworker!] Would you mind taking this nice lady back to fabric?
Coworker: I’m headed to [other department] right now but I’ll page someone. Come with me, ma’am.
Customer: There better not be a line when i get back! I can’t believe you want me to go all the way back to the counter…
( The coworker walks her back through the store, and I approach the counter. The clerk is still smiling with force as we both watch the woman walk away, but gives me that ‘thank God’ look when i come up. )
Me: I am so sorry.
Clerk: *sighing* This is why I wish I still drank.