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(I work in a DIY store where customers browse a catalog, give the cashier the codes for the products, and wait for people to go grab the products. I saw a customer browsing a catalog out front and approached them.)
Me: Excuse me, are you alright just browsing through the catalog at the moment?
Customer: What?
(I repeat)
Customer: (rudely) Well I’m not really browsing am I?
(Taken back, I pause to think of how to respond)
Me: Well I mean, are you alright looking through the catalog?
Customer: There we go, that’s better isn’t it? Anyway, I’m fine.
Me: Okay, well if you need anything let me know!
(Customer just proceeds to shrug me off, and after a few minutes of BROWSING, they proceed to leave the store empty handed. Didn’t realise I could upset a customer by asking if they needed help!)

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