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I work in the business office (the department that handles the paperwork and the legal parts of the industry) of a large car dealership where we often buy customer’s cars. A gentleman approaches the counter.
Customer: I have my appraisal from yesterday, I’d like to sell my car.
Me: Sure! Do you have your vehicle’s title and registration?
Customer: The title’s at home.
Me: Okay, that’s fine.
We can buy in the vehicle without the title, but there’s a couple extra steps and a small fee, which I explain to him.
Me: Do you have your registration?
Customer: *annoyed* No it’s at home! No one told me I was supposed to bring it!
We bought in the car anyway. His name and information matched the state vehicle history report we ran, but who goes to sell their car and doesn’t bring at least the registration (which you should ideally keep in your glovebox) with them?

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