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I work in a small uniform store, where we don’t have a ton of costumers, but the ones we do have have been coming for years. Most of the time it’s young parents with young kids, no issues really, but occasionally we get the stuck up type.
We always give the customer a quick sheet to fill out so we can get their information in the system.
Coworker: Could we get a phone number to look you up by?
Woman: *rudely* what? No! No I am not giving you my phone number, thank you.
Coworker: —uh, ok, could we get a name then? *puts in fake info for the address, email, and phone just to get on with it*
I had to go help another customer, but when I get back the woman is complaining.
Woman: This is taking a while. I have appointments.
Coworker: *trying to be helpful because our system does take an obnoxious amount of steps to complete a transaction* if it helps, I can just write down your credit card info and put it in later and bag your stuff so you can go? *again we do this all the time*
Woman: No I’m not going to give you my card! Why don’t I just take the clothes and you call me later and I’ll give you the info over the phone?
*FINE PRINT: call me later with the phone number I didn’t provide in hopes I give you the correct card info so I can walk out of here with $100 worth of clothes and never look back*
Coworker: um….. I can’t do that ma’am.
*she continues complaining as he finishes up, then asks if an email receipt is ok (it usually is)*
Woman: No I don’t want you emailing me, I get too many emails.
*my coworker goes in the back to get the receipt, and as soon as he leaves she grabs her bags and says with a huff*
Woman: you all are taking too long. I’m leaving!
*the second she walks out the door my coworker comes back with the receipt, looks at me and then at the empty store, and we just both start laughing*