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I have just started to get over having bronchitis but still have a horrible cough. I work in a call center and cant take off any more days so I am trying to get through the day. Usually I can just mute my phone when I have a coughing fit and explain it to the person I’m helping afterwards, until this call.

Lady: “I am just sick of having to wait!” She is complaining about something that isn’t really our concern, but I let her complain anyway.

Me: “Yes, ma’m, I can understand your…” I feel my throat tighten and close as a coughing fit comes on. I quickly mute my phone. However, this isn’t just a normal cough, I end up doubled over gasping to breath between coughs. All the while the lady is continuing to complain. I take myself off of mute to respond to a question as best I can. It is very clear I am in distress as I try to talk through gasping. By now my coworkers are trying to get me to go take a break but I am still on the phone.

Lady: “And what are you going to do about this? I expect this issue to be resolved!”

Me: through tears and gasps “I understand,” cough “but this isn’t something” gasp “we can fix for you.” cough and gasp.

The lady continues to rant not once asking if I was ok or not. Thankfully the call didn’t last too much longer and I was able to run out of the room soon after. I ended up needing an inhaler to catch my breath again. Thanks for the concern lady.