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I went to college out-of-state and had a few conversations with friends who couldn’t believe I was from Louisiana. I grew up in Lafayette Parish and have the accent, which is not very twangy and doesn’t sound as “Southern” as what my friends expect to hear. Living away from home doesn’t seem to affect my accent, not to my ears. After graduation when I move back home, no one in Lafayette seems to notice any difference, either…until this happens.

I’m leaving the break room when two customers approach me. One of them asks me a question about some merchandise, and I answer. She gets a very suspicious look on her face as we talk.

Customer #1: Where are you from?

Me: I’m from Lafayette.

Customer #1: *Crosses her arms and smirks* Well, we’ll just see about that.

I am taken aback by this, and so is her friend, who looks at her sideways. I have no idea how Customer #1 expects to “see” where I’m from, but as the moment stretches on, I start to feel very uneasy.

Me: Ma’am, if you wait until my shit is over and follow me home, I will call the cops and have you arrested for stalking.

Customer #1 looks confused now, which is a relief; I was worried for a moment that she really was planning on following me home. Customer #2 starts to laugh quietly.

Me: Is there something else here in the *store* that I can help you with?

Customer #2: No, thank you.

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