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, | Unfiltered | December 13, 2020

I work as a front end cashier at a hardware store for the summer. The place accepts both personal and business checks. This woman comes up and pays for her items with the check (I’m also new at this place so some of the stuff I haven’t gotten used to yet).

After stamping her check, for some reason, her receipt wouldn’t print out (I put the check in the wrong direction, now I know), so I sent the receipt to customer service (which is less than two feet from the registers).

I called up the guy at the customer service desk and told him what happened. After we hung up, I turned to the customer and explained her receipt was being reprinted at customer service. Her whole attitude changes and she says, “I’m not walking over to customer service! Either someone bring it over here or I will leave without it.”

I so badly wanted to tell her off, saying that the desk was not far and her feet were not broken, but I held my tongue as I called the coworker at customer servicd and asked him to bring the receipt, which he agreed. As I turn back to the lady, though, she’s heading out the door.

Me: “Wait! Ma’am! Someone is bringing your receipt over.”
Customer: “Forget it

So I just called up the coworker for no reason…he then came to my register…
Me: “Don’t bother. She left.”

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