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(I’m the idiot customer in this one. I’m paying for my purchases with a credit card well after the chip readers have gone into effect. There’s a sign under this card reader indicating to ask for cash back, but I make the wrong assumption and incorrectly swipe my card.)
Cashier: Please use the chip reader.
Me: Ah, damn. (fixes card) Sorry. I go to [convenience store] every morning and they have a sign just like that but it says they don’t have a chip reader yet.
Cashier: Fair enough. Ours works, though.
Me: Yes. Apparently I need to learn how to read.
Cashier: (grins) Why would you need to know how to read?
Me: (sighs) I work at a publishing company…
(The cashier laughed so hard she smacked her hand against the counter. I’m glad I at least entertained her!)