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I work at a company known for their jeans, and I usually work in the fitting rooms.

On this day the store is busy, so there is a line of customers to try on clothes. I’m also at work with a headache triggered by scents. I have two female customers (friends) who are chatting as they wait.

One of the fitting rooms opens and a Sikh man exits, happy with what he tried on. I enter the fitting room and make sure nothing was left behind and to ensure the room was clean. It was, so I call the friends over. One waits outside while the other enters the room to try on several items. She doesn’t even close the door, just walks out and crinkles up her nose complaining the room stank (I was just in there and knew it didn’t) and asked for another room.

So I let another customer in the first room and not long after, another customer (a little European teenager) leaves her room. I check the room and my head started pounding because of how much it stank of stinky feet in the room.

So I let the customer waiting for a new room know that I wasn’t sure if she would like the new room and she was like “oh yea, definitely will!”

Needless to say, she made her bed and laid in it, didn’t buy anything, and gave me the stink eye on her way out!

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