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so its a remotely busy day, I am on the express lane and this older lady comes and runs threw hands me rolls to scan.
me: ok it will be 89 cents

lady: this is a dollar! keep the change*shoves coins into my hand and tries to rush out*
me: ma’am! i need to count this out.
lady: its a dollar! but ok in that case i want my change back
me: *already knowing this isn’t a dollar* ok

i proceed to count and i’m already getting a line to form

me: *counts loudly as i am at the end of her “dollar”* 71, 72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80 , ma’am i need 9 more cents to finish off
lady: ooh, silly me i must have miscounted. hahaha.
me: yes ma’am that surely does happen (keep in mind how she was in such a rush to get out)

she gave me the rest of the transaction all in pennies but it was worth it. keep in mind though I don’t mind getting change for it. but that’s something that needs to be counted out and it helps if the customer stays for few seconds it takes to count it just in case its accidentally short