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( I work at a grocery store and am currently attending to the self checkout area. There is a specific screen for dealing with your bonus card : scan card , enter phone number , and forgot card which automatically puts in the stores card. )
I notice a customer waving her arms around at me so I go over to help.

Me: ” Can I help you? ”
Customer : ( She has a rude tone of voice but I just ignore it. ) ” Yes, I hit the forgot card button but I CAN pay for my order.
Me : ” That just means you entered the store card , that does not mean your debit card. ”
Customer : ” Oh! I thought it meant you forgot your debit card. ”
Me : ” No..”
( I honestly just stood there for a few minutes wondering why she would think that. Why would there be a button saying you forgot your form of payment , before you even scanned any items? )