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(Our business offers a next day order service for items that are not in store, but sometimes I have a conversation like this)
Me: I’m sorry, this is not in store, I can order it in for you, but I need to take your details and a mobile number…
Customer: Absolutely not! I’m not letting you take my details to sell to data miners!
Me: I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to order items without a name and address at least. [Company] does not sell details from registering to third parties and take any requests to be opted out of our own marketing seriously. Furthermore…
Customer: Why shouldn’t I just order it without details?
Me: *deadpan* [Courier] once sent one of our boxes to Edinburgh, if that were to happen, you wouldn’t find out until you came into store without a registration and valid phone number.

(This happens about once a week…)