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I am a regular at one of our local coffee shops. My mom and I grab breakfast every morning before heading to work and school via mobile order and I run in to get it for us while my mom waits in the car. On this particular morning, we’re getting breakfast as well as drinks for a few coworkers. There’s also a bit of a backlog of mobile orders and it’s taking a while. There is a man standing next to me, waiting for his coffee.

Man: Do you know when my coffee will be ready?
Barista: Sorry, sir, we just got started on it now. There were five mobile orders ahead of yours.
Man *with air of disapproval*: Big orders today. I see someone ordered four drinks!

Barista nods and smiles uncomfortably as she works on making drinks. She finishes the last drink in my order and hands me the tray. I thank her and take a moment to make sure the drinks are secure before turning to leave. Just before I do, this man wants the last word.

Man: How rude and inconsiderate of someone to just order four drinks like that! *continues to rant about how rude we are to want to get drinks for coworkers*
Me: *sighs and leaves*