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Phone rings, interupting my Reading of Not Always Right.
Me: Welcome to [Company], you are talking to to [Name]. How can I help you? *overly cheery tone*
Customer: Yes hi, I need some help
Me: Of course, what can I do for you today?
Customer: Well I need some information about this product…
Me: *waiting for more information* … Okey and what produkt is that? Do you have the product code or the name?
Customer: Oh… It’s [code]…
Me: Thank you, okey so it is this cabinet with plastic trays?
Customer: Yes. Do you know if it will arrive assembled or not?
Me: Unfortunatly I cannot confirm that without speaking to our retailor as some companies build the products to order and some will just ship the parts. But I would be happy to call them for you and confirm it.
Customer: No, no no. You don’t have to do that! …But if you guess, would you say the cabinet comes assembled or not?
Me: I’m sorry but I really can’t say. It is a large item so it could be difficult to ship it while it is assembled but I really need to talk to our retailor to get that information.
Customer: Oh no need. I will just assume that it comes assembled. Bye!*hangs up immediatly*
Me: *looking confused at phone* Um… bye?