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[I am a cashier at my grocery store and I have a down minute so there is a coupon bag that the cashiers pass around a take the used coupons out of the till and put them in the bag… so im doing that and the a customers comes up and iI just want to point out that I started taking out the coupons BEFORE he showed up]

*Customer (Man) Walks up to my Register*
Me (while still getting couponds out of till):Hi, How are you today

{side note: when I was finished doing the couponds, I couldnt remember if I said “hi, how are you” or “one moment please, so i just said it again to make sure}
Me:Hi, how are you?
Customer:You already asked me that
Me:oh, im sorry I didnt remember what I said and wanted to make sure i asked you.
Customer: Maybe if you werent fidding with you register you would remember
*I start ringing up his groceries*
Customer:Let me ask you something? Do you have 2 hrs to talk about my day?
Me (*nervously*):No im sorry i guess i dont
Customer:Then why would asl me that?
Me:It is just a courtesy
Customer: Well you shouldnt ask if you dont want to know..Next time instead say “nice to see you”
[*Pause: why would you say “nice to see you” to somebody that you dont know*}
*I finish up his groceries*
[*so at this point I think he might of changed his attitude because I didnt overreact or get mad and argue with him*]
Customer(while paying): Im sorry i just had a bad experience at [Hardware store right next to us] the cashier was so rude and woudlnt admit she was wrong but she was and she wouldnt even admit she was wrong to her manager…you know i think this isnt the first time it happend]
Me(still nervous and now agitated):*handing him the receipt* Yeah well i hope you have a better rest of your day)
Customer: yeah you too
*customer leaves*

[Now i have a feeling that the other cashier could of done nothing wrong because I got sh*t because I asked him how his day was? Now the other cashier might of reacted diffrently than i did but still, i acted how i acted because i really dont care, unless a customer like calls me a idiot or worse, i will just apologize if they have a problem because after that, what else can I do? customers can keep going but its not gonna do anything.