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So I was working at a local wireless call center during the beginnings of the portable wireless routers that plug into USB ports. This was also around the time when Video Game Consoles were really starting to push online services.

Me: Thank you for calling [Company], My name is [my name] how could I assist you today.

Customer: Yes I just bought an Xbox 360 and one of the new USB routers and I would like to be able to use the USB router to be able to connect to the internet.

Me: Sure let look into this situation and see what I can do to assist you.

(Now at this time this was actually the second call I had for this request.)

Me: Okay so looking into this for you, unfortunately it’s not possible to actually use one of our USB Routers on an XBox 360.

Customer: What do you mean I can’t use it. I just bought the router so I could go online with my Xbox 360.

Me: Well unfortunately because we are unable to load the software of the router onto the 360 because of it’s proprietary operating system it’s impossible to operate the USB Router.

Customer: So what am I supposed to do.

Me: Contact a local land line internet provider in your area and set up service with them to provide you with your internet needs.

Customer: But I just canceled my contract with them just so I could use this USB router.

Me: Well you go about returning the device for a full refund but again we’re not about to install that device.

(at this point the customer understands there is not much he can do and we finish up the call)

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